Travel options

Are you considering attending Syndicate 2017, but not sure what travel options are available to you? Here are some suggestions we hope will be helpful.

By plane

If you are traveling to Syndicate 2017 by plane, you will most likely arrive at Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol). Other airports in The Netherlands that handle international flights are Eindhoven Airport (this is common for those traveling within Europe with Ryanair) and Rotterdam The Hague Airport. All airports are well connected to the Dutch railway system. Schiphol Airport railway station is one of the most important railway stations in The Netherlands and has multiple direct connections to Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague per hour. Eindhoven Airport does not have its own railway station, but provides a regular bus connection to the Eindhoven railway station, from which there are direct trains to Utrecht and Amsterdam. The same goes for Rotterdam The Hague Airport, which has a regular bus connection to Rotterdam central station. Check out this website or the website of the airport you're traveling to for the exact departure times.

From within Europe there are many cheap flights to The Netherlands. Finding the best flights is easy by using a site like Skyscanner (make sure to select the ‘nearby airfields’ option when searching for flights). For example, at the time of writing the following flights are available (all departing on September 21 and returning on September 25):

  • From Paris: Paris Orly to Amsterdam (direct) with Transavia - €62
  • From Berlin: Berlin Schoenefeld to Amsterdam (direct) with Transavia - €62
  • From London: London Stansted to Amsterdam (direct) with easyJet - €70 (£60)
  • From Barcelona: Barcelona to Rotterdam (direct) with Vueling Airlines - €65
  • From Madrid: Madrid to Amsterdam (direct) with KLM - €118
  • From Rome: Rome Fiumicino to Amsterdam (direct) with Alitalia - €104
  • From Vienna: Vienna to Rotterdam (direct) with Transavia - €78
  • From Kopenhagen: Kopenhagen to Amsterdam (direct) with Norwegian - €105
  • From Stockholm: Stockholm Arlanda to Amsterdam (direct) with Norwegian - €111
  • From Gothenburg: Gothenburg Landvetter to Amsterdam via Stockholm with SAS - €139
  • From Oslo: Oslo Gardermoen to Amsterdam (direct) with SAS - €139
  • From Helsinki: Helsinki Vantaa to Amsterdam (direct) withi Transavia - €129

By train

If you live in Belgium, Germany or France, traveling to Syndicate 2017 by train could be a nice alternative to the plane. Although in general the train is a little more expensive than traveling by air in Europe, some people find it to be more comfortable. The main railway stations in The Netherlands that have connections to international destinations are Amsterdam and Rotterdam. For example:

  • From Brussels: Brussels to Utrecht via Rotterdam in 3 hours, for approximately €80
  • From Paris: Paris to Utrecht via Rotterdam in 3,5 hours, for approximately €90
  • From Berlin: Berlin to Utrecht via Amersfoort in 6 hours, for approximately €80

Please check your country’s price comparison website for the most up-to-date prices and availability. The Dutch equivalent of this site can be found here (in English).

By bus

Another viable and often cheap alternative for those living close to The Netherlands is the bus. Obviously it will take you longer to arrive, but fares can get very low. For example, Eurolines currently offers return tickets from Berlin to Utrecht for €44, and from Paris to Amsterdam for €47.

By car

If you are traveling to Syndicate 2017 by car, please be aware that the venue is located in the absolute center of Utrecht (the fourth largest city in The Netherlands). Therefore there will most likely be no parking space available close to the venue. Also be aware that The Netherlands is notoriously expensive when it comes to parking, so even if you do manage to find a parking space close to the venue, you will most likely be paying a lot of money. For example, parking in the area of the venue currently costs €4,64 per hour, with a maximum of €32,45 per day (check out this website for more information about the costs of parking in Utrecht).

A better option would be to park your car in one of the ‘P+R’ parking spaces available at the edge of the city, and travel by bus or tram to the venue from there. Two of these locations (Westraven and Papendorp) also have a hotel located within walking distance. More information can be found here (PDF).

If you’re bringing a large amount of hardware that can not easily be transported by public transportation, please contact us and we’ll let you know where you can temporarily park closer to the venue.

Public transportation in The Netherlands

Although some Dutch commuters might tell you otherwise, The Netherlands has an excellent and accessible public transportation system. Unless you are travelling to Syndicate 2017 by car, you will most likely travel to the venue by train. The Syndicate 2017 venue is located next to Utrecht Central Station (Utrecht Centraal in Dutch), the largest railway station in The Netherlands, which is well connected to other railway stations throughout the country. The easiest way to check the Dutch public transportation schedules is to use this website (English)

Public transportation in The Netherlands can be costly. If you plan on using it for other purposes than traveling to and from the venue, it may be worth it to buy an ‘OV-chipkaart’ and charge it with some credit. More information can be found on the OV-chipkaart website .