The Jaarbeurs is the most well-known venue in the Netherlands when it comes to major events, festivals etc. It is located next to the country's largest train station and is easy to reach from any train station in the country, so you are not limited to the city for housing options. As an example, it takes less than 30 minutes to get from Amsterdam central station to Utrecht central station, which is right next to the venue. From Schiphol Airport you can reach Utrecht central station in about 35 minutes by train.

An entire floor (5400 m2) will be dedicated to the tournament, providing plenty of space to make it a truly memorable experience. To get a better impression of the venue itself, check out the photo collection from Syndicate 2016 .

The exact address of the venue is:

Beatrix Theater
Jaarbeursplein 6A
3521 AL Utrecht

Google Maps link

If you are having trouble finding the entrance of the venue, you can use this helpful image from last year's edition to locate it.